Everything you can imagine is real”

Pablo Picasso

About Silk Touch Lashes

It has been a long journey. Years of effort, accumulating experience, and the profound necessity of achieving perfection, it has made this possible. Silk Touch Lashes LTD, is the result of that final touch of a group of professional people, who are always committed to bring the best and more advance lash products to you, the inspiration for all our work, the lash artist. Silk Touch Lashes delivers on-trend lashing tools and accessories, sourced from the best. We are constantly improving our products and services. Our products are tested by our experts, guaranteeing quality and functionality. We continuously look for the newest trends and technology available in the lash industry and are dedicated to enhancing the lash community through information and education.

In Silk Touch Lashes, our goal is to offer the best quality for a fare and accessible price. This is why we felt the need to integrate in this market, focusing mainly on the manufacturing and improvement of the base product, instead of the packaging. It is in this way that we can direct the cost of our products to prioritize their quality.

“We imagine beauty in all living things, we imagine a beautiful world. We imagine beauty in all shapes, curves and sizes. In every colour of skin, tall or short, light or dark, we imagine beauty in all. Delicate as a flower and ferocious as a mother, we imagine beauty in them all. We imagine beauty in all living things, let’s imagine a beautiful world.”

Silk Touch

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