ExtenD Easy Fan 0.07 D-Curl 16-17-18mm

ExtenD Easy Fan Mixed 16-17-18mm 0.07 D 12R


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ExtenD Easy Fan Lashes 0.07 D-Curl


Specially made for the lash artists who want to save time. The Quick Creations line offers Easy Fan and Pre-Made trays of handmade Silk lashes of natural colour and curl, that perfectly imitates human eyelashes. With more taper, it creates a lighter and softer feel.

Now with the ExtenD line you can go where you haven’t dear to go. Ideal for long set of extensions and wispy special touches.

Mixed tray of 16-17-18mm lined in 12 Rows.

IMPORTANT: We are a 100% animal cruelty free team. We do not use (or promote the use of) any materials or extracts that have animal origins. cruelty free bunny


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