Obsessed Collection STL34


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Strip Lashes Obsessed Collection Model STL34


Silk Touch Obsessed Collection are the pride of our design team. Perfect for those who want to constantly change the style of their eyelashes without spending so much. We had the job to create affordable strip lashes maintaining the standards of our quality. These lashes are made with the best Korean PBT fibres. The 3D multi-layered design of our team made it possible to lower the material costs without affecting the great looking effect they would have in your eyes. Our testing experience has proven that the lashes are reusable up to 15 times with the proper care. Choose from our various categories: Natural Volume, Dramatic Look, and Exotic Glamour, suitable for all your needs. Get obsessed but spending less!


Note: Glue not included.

IMPORTANT: We are a 100% animal cruelty free team. We do not use (or promote the use of) any materials or extracts that have animal origins. cruelty free bunny



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